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The objective of this project was to determine whether or not there is a market opportunity in probiotics for animal feed.

The more specific technical objectives of this project were to collect and assess the scientific evidence about probiotics in order to determine what is known and what can be validly claimed about probiotics. Commercially, the objectives of this project were to collect and assess information about the products currently available and about the companies that make them.

The scope of this project is products containing live micro-organisms used in animal feed, as well as those products containing microbial products marketed as probiotics e.g. yeast cell walls. The sector is agricultural animal husbandry, mainly pigs and chickens, but also other animals as appropriate. The geographic scope of the project is the EU and US/Canada.

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Table of Contents




Principal Findings



  • Microorganism Types
  • Documented Physiological Effects & Influential Factors
  • Global Feed Additives Markets
  • Global Compound Feed Additives Markets
  • Poultry Markets
    • US
    • Canada
    • UK
  • Pig Markets
    • EU & UK

20 Probiotic Manufacturers

Uses Of Probiotics In Animal Feed

  • Pigs
  • Poultry

Alternative antibiotic replacers

  • Acidifiers
  • Anti-bacterials – copper and zinc
  • Chemical probiosis
  • Enzymes
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Prebiotics
  • Prefermentation and inoculation
  • Zeolites and Clay minerals

Scientific validity of probiotic use

  • Overview – Probiotics: The Biological Basis
  • Introduction
  • Validity of Probiotic Claims
  • Probiotics Currently Available
  • Strain Selection
  • Mechanisms
  • The Probiotic Image
  • Ongoing Research
  • Future Developments
  • References
  • Other Scientific Probiotic Information
  • Scientific Abstracts
  • Other Scientific References

Probiotic Research Institutes/Projects

  • US Funded Projects in Probiotic use in Animal Feed
  • European Funded Projects in probiotic use in animal feed

Regulatory Issues & Claims

    • EU and UK
    • US

Contact Reports

12 Academic/Commercial Researchers

16 Probiotic Manufacturers (Human/Animal)

6 Probiotic Distributors/Blenders/Feed Ingredient Manufacturers

6 Probiotic Users/Potential Users

7 Animal Feed Associations

Others (Consultants, Encapsulators)

Scientific Abstracts

19 Tables

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