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The objective of this study was to quantify the market potential for omega-7 as an ingredient, and in finished products, in supplements, cosmetics or other sectors (e.g. food, pharmaceuticals etc.).

Omega-7 oils are found naturally in products such as macadamia nut, sea buckthorn oil, wild salmon and milk fat. They had been marketed with a number of health claims. The scope of the study was current and potential sources of omega-7 sold as ingredients and as finished products.


The main contents of the study were based on sources including in-house databases and an extensive network of contacts in addition to publicly available information (e.g. data from government agencies, patents, scientific journals, trade press, internet etc.). Additional information was sought from other key resources within the industries concerned in sufficient depth to provide accurate analysis and guidance.

CPL used its extensive network of contacts, (including the CPL Executive Search network), to elicit information that would be difficult or impossible for clients to obtain independently Interviews were conducted with those knowledgeable in the industry, both face-to-face and telephone conversations. Contacts were also made at trade-shows.

The report consists of two parts, the summary report and the reference report, to provide the essence of CPL’s findings along with our recommendations, followed by detailed data sources and analysis.

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Table of Contents

Introduction to Omega-7 Fatty Acids

  • Omega-7 Fatty Acids
  • Palmitoleic Omega-7
  • History
  • Sources
  • Health Benefits
  • Algae
  • Algae Cultivation
  • Algal Oil Market
  • Sea Buckthorn

Market and Forecast

  • Summary
  • Omega-3 Markets
    • Consumer Market
    • Ingredients Market
    • Market breakdown by geography
    • Algal and marine oils
  • Omega-7
    • Sea Buckthorn
    • Macadamia
  • End-user Market 1
    • Supplements Market
    • Market Potential
    • Ease of entering Market
  • End-user Market 2
    • Market breakdown by geography
  • End-user Market 3
    • Market
    • Ingredients Market
    • Market Potential
  • End-user Market 4

Cost-Elasticity Analyses of Omega-7 as an Ingredient in Supplements

  • Introduction and Methodology
  • Supplements – End-user Markets 1 and 2
    • UK
    • US
    • Japan
  • Supplements – End-user Market 3 – US

Players and Products

  • Ingredients Suppliers
    • 14 companies
  • Supplement Products Derived From Sea Buckthorn
    • 6 companies
  • Supplement Products Derived From Macadamia Nut Oils
    • 4 companies
  • Supplements Products Derived From Other Omega-7 Sources
    • 4 companies
  • Pharmaceutical Products
    • 4 companies
  • Cosmetic Products Derived From Sea Buckthorn
    • 3 companies
  • Cosmetic Products Derived From Macadamia
    • 5 companies
  • Cosmetic Products Derived From Other Sources
    • 1 company


  • Summary
  • Contact Reports
    • 17 contacts
  • Trials Contacts
    • 3 contacts

Clinical Trials and Regulation

  • Summary
  • Regulations
  • EU Regulations
    • Summary
    • Food Supplements
    • Novel Foods Regulation
    • Health Claims
  • US Regulations
    • Summary
    • Food Supplements
    • Health Claims
  • Canadian Regulations


  • Summary
  • Key Patents with Search Term ‘Omega-7’
    • 2 patents
  • Key Patents with Search Term Palmitoleic
    • 27 patents
  • Key Patents with Search Term 9-Hexadecenoic Acid
    • 20 patents
  • Key Patents with Search Term 6-Hexadecenoic Acid
    • 10 patents
  • Earlier Patents of Note

Scientific Literature Relating to Omega-7 Fatty Acids

  • Introduction
  • Scientific Findings by Sector
    • 7 sections
  • Patents

Scientific Study Abstracts

  • 94 Abstracts


  • Summary
    • Introduction
    • Supplies
    • Scientific News
    • Regulatory News
    • Players and Products
    • Market
    • 45 News Articles

77 Tables

36 Figures

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