In this case study, CPL Business Consultants was engaged by a global ingredients company to examine the market and technologies for sodium reduction in processed foods and make recommendations on how best to approach this market.


Sodium reduction is an important trend in many sectors of the food industry but represents a significant technical hurdle. There is active interest in lowering sodium content in processed foods, and flavour houses have been aggressive in presenting a variety of sodium-reduction solutions built into flavouring systems to produce low-sodium alternatives of their offerings.

CPL investigated alternative approaches to sodium reduction, including products with modified crystal structures and ingredients such as protein hydrolysates and yeast extracts that can compensate for reduced salt content. The primary focus of this study was yeast extracts


The study was based initially on sources available to CPL, including in-house databases, an extensive network of contacts (the CPL Value-Net) and other publicly available information. Approximately 30 contacts were made within the industry, including flavour houses, food ingredients companies, food manufacturers and distributors.

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Table of Contents

About this report

Background, Objective and Method

Principal Findings

  • Market
    • Market Trends
  • Competitive Environment
    • Drivers and Constraints
    • Manufacturing Processes and Patents
    • Key Players
  • Products and Applications
    • Sources
    • Products
    • Formats
    • Applications


Sodium Reduction in Processed Foods

  • Sodium Functionality and Sodium Replacement
    • Sodium Functionality in Food
    • Salt (Sodium) Reduction in Processed Foods
    • Health issues which are related to high sodium consumption
    • Regulatory issues
  • High Nucleotide Yeast Extracts
    • Background & Definition
    • Applications
    • Production Process

Market Trends


  • Overview
  • Main Players
    • 16 Companies

Products & Prices

    • List of Products
  • Prices
    • Yeast Extracts (YE) Manufacturers

Contact Overview

  • Players
    • Relative Market Positions
    • Differentiation
    • Manufacturing Processes
    • Key Players
  • Customer Needs and Market Gaps
    • Product Fit with Current Market
    • Unmet Needs and Market Gaps
    • Potential Areas of Development
  • Marketing Approach

Contact Reports

  • Yeast Extract Companies
    • 5 Contacts
  • Flavour Houses
    • 6 Contacts
  • Food Ingredients (non-YE)
    • 6 Contacts
  • Food Manufactures
    • 5 Contacts
  • Distributors
    • 5 Contacts
  • Governmental
    • 1 Contact
  • Others
    • 6 Contacts


  • Overview
    • Patents from 4 companies


  • 39 News articles

Recent Publications

  • Yeast Extracts and Nucleotides

Related Research and IP

  • Patents Relating to Company 1
  • Company 2 Flavour Modulation Patents
  • Key Flavour Impact Compounds
  • Taste Receptors as Mechanisms for Identifying New Opportunities

49 Tables

19 Figures

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