In this case study, an international ingredients company engaged CPL Business Consultants to give its opinion on potential opportunities in the market for beta-glucan from oats and barley.

CPL has followed the market for beta-glucan from its earliest days, firstly working with some of the original and pioneering start-ups and later on acquisitions in this field and therefore has its own perspective and frame of context. CPL was able to give some candid insight into the market and also how the client should proceed.


The objective of this project was to assist our client in determining whether opportunities exist in the beta-glucan business. The overview report gave a snapshot of the beta-glucan business, how it has evolved and is still evolving.


Initially, data were obtained from public and internal sources, and a number of contacts were made with beta glucan producers from CPL’s extensive network. In addition, the client provided CPL with its own information about beta-glucan products and markets for CPL to review and analyse, based on having carried out a number of studies of beta-glucan over the previous decade.

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Beta-Glucan Market Opportunities

Objective and Method

Beta-Glucan Products


  • Summary of Contact Reports
  • Company Contacts
    • 16 contacts

Beta-Glucan News

  • Summary Notes
    • Market
    • Acquisitions
    • Legislation/health claims
    • Research and Technology
    • New Products
    • Partnerships
    • Patents
    • Drivers and Restraints
  • Articles
    • 15 articles

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