In this case study, an international ingredients company engaged CPL Business Consultants to examine the market for cyclodextrins as part of its business growth and diversification strategy.  CPL made recommendations for the client’s go-to-market strategy. 

The objective of this study was to assist the client in determining whether an opportunity exists to enter the cyclodextrins business. The study aimed to describe the uses for the various materials and their derivatives and consider, in particular, whether this business has possibilities for growth beyond those known in pharmaceuticals.

Consequently, focussing on the potential food uses, the study aimed to determine the markets, prices and trends; to identify the existing manufacturers, distributors and users; to determine the functional properties of cyclodextrins and their derivatives that might lead to market growth; to assess the regulatory and patent positions; and to consider ways by which the client might enter the market if a genuine commercial opportunity existed.

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Cyclodextrins Market

  • Objective
  • Method
  • Principal Findings
    • Market Volume & Value
    • Market Growth (CAGR)
    • Players & Products
    • End-Users and Applications
    • Regulatory Status
    • Properties and Synthesis
    • Patents
    • Scientific Research
  • Conclusions
    • SWOT for cyclodextrin as an ingredient
    • SWOT for the client in the cyclodextrin business
  • Recommendations

Cyclodextrin Market

  • Volumes and Prices
  • Products e.g.
    • Food
    • Cosmetics
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Household and Personal care
  • Applications and Uses
  • Potential food sector markets and competing products
  • Overview of Market History
  • Overview of Micro-encapsulation

Regulatory Issues

  • Cyclodextrins e.g. 
    • α-Cyclodextrin
  • Derivatives e.g.
    • Methylated Cyclodextrins


  • Food Applications
  • Manufacturing

Properties and Synthesis

  • Properties
  • Synthesis


  • 9 Manufacturers
  • 8 Processors and Traders
  • 2 Fine Chemical
  • 6 End-Users
  • 6 Competitors
  • 7 Others

Contact Reports

  • 9 Manufacturers
  • 4 Processors and Traders
  • 4 End-Users
  • 9 Companies with competing technologies
  • 15 Others

Cyclodextrin Scientific Research

  • Review articles e.g.
    • Food applications
    • Synthesis
  • Clinical trials e.g.
    • Glycaemic response
  • Animal trials and in vitro studies e.g.
    • Safety assessment

15 News Items

23 Tables and 7 Figures

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