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Objective and Background

The objective of this project was to assist our client by identifying and starting the process of bringing on board a technology partner for the development of its novel insecticidal product. This product has shown good efficacy against a broad spectrum of pests but it loses much of this efficacy if delivered as a bait or spray on product. Our client hoped, by this process, to obtain or develop appropriate delivery technology, so that its product could be formulated for commercial use.


After initial discussions with the client CPL suggested a plan for identifying appropriate partners. Companies and individuals across a reasonably large spectrum were contacted with this a non-confidential ‘teaser’, followed up by direct contacts, especially with some of those whom CPL thought ought to be interested in such a project.

CPL contacted companies with potential delivery technology from inside the crop protection sector, and companies from outside that sector especially in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Those companies which expressed interest following the first email or contact were asked to sign a confidential disclosure agreement (CDA) to protect the client’s proprietary information.

In total, around 500 emails were sent and received. Using this approach, a very wide range of potential partners were surveyed without putting the client’s identity into the discussion until later in the process.

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Table of Contents

Objective and Background


Principal Findings

Ranking, Conclusions and Recommendations



  • The Client
  • The Product
  • The Market
  • The Opportunity
  • Contact

Information Memorandum – Insecticide Product

  • Summary
  • The Idea
  • Introduction
    • The Company
    • The Project
  • The Data
    • The Peptide
    • Efficacy Trials Results
    • Intellectual Property
  • The Opportunity
    • Market
    • Partnership
  • Further Information


  • Proposals from 9 Companies


  • 1 Table


  • 3 Figures

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