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The objective of this study was to assist the client in identifying markets and opportunities for starter cultures that are capable of producing health ingredients such as vitamins or minerals during fermentation in dairy applications. The report included the following:

  1. An evaluation of the choice for vitamin producing and mineral accumulating starter cultures in fermented dairy products, such as folic acid and Selenium-cysteine.
  2. Make or buy recommendations. We considered the likely effort that would be required and the best way to undertake such a development. Our client wanted to know if technology already exists, particularly outside the realms of academic research institutes, what opportunities exist to develop, license or buy it?
  3. Alternative developments which affects the market (vitamin addition to fermented milk products in stead of in-situ production).
  4. Size of business opportunities in Europe, including an analysis of the actual/potential market in respect of size, growth, trends and opportunities.
  5. Liability risks

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Table of Contents




Principal Findings and Conclusions

  • Concept of Starter Cultures Producing Vitamins & Minerals (Folic Acid & Selenium)
    • General Views
    • Views of Academics
    • Views of Starter Culture/Probiotic Producers
    • Views of Vitamin/Mineral Producers
    • Views of Retailers
    • Views of Potential End Users
  • Market and Trends for Functional Foods
  • Vitamins and Minerals in Food
  • Starter Cultures and Probiotics in Food and Dietary Supplements
  • Other Academic & Commercial Institutions Involved in Research
  • Legislation, Labelling and Liability
  • Other Dairy Trends

Answers to Client’s Questions


Concept of Starter Cultures or Probiotics Producing Vitamins and Minerals Including Folic Acid and Selenium

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Views of Academic
  • Views of Dairy Ingredient/Starter Culture/Probiotic Producers
  • Views of Vitamin/Mineral Ingredient Producers
  • Views of Retailers
  • Views of End Users
  • News

Market and Trends for Functional Foods

  • Overview
    • World Market Data on Functional Food Sales
    • Market Sales and Share by Country
    • Europe
  • News

Vitamins and Minerals in Food

  • Description and Uses
    • Minerals
    • Vitamins
  • Markets and Trends
    • Total Vitamin & Mineral Markets
    • Food Ingredient Vitamin & Mineral Markets
    • Total Folic Acid Market
    • Market for Vitamins in Dietary Supplement Products
  • UK Supermarket Survey
  • News

Starter Cultures & Probiotics in Foods

  • Description and Uses
  • Markets and Trends
  • Competitors
  • News

Other Academics and Commercial Institutions Involved in Production/Research of Production of Vitamins or Minerals (Some Via Starter Cultures)

  • Research
  • Patents
  • Publications

Legislation, Labelling and Liability

  • Overview
  • European
  • US
  • Recent Conferences
  • News

Other Dairy Trends

  • Overview
  • News

Contact Reports

  • 5 Vitamin and Mineral Producers
  • 8 Starter Culture and Probiotic Producers
  • 13 Potential End Users
  • 9 Retailers
  • 13 Academics & Other Researchers 8 Others

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