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Glutathione is a tripeptide consisting of glutamic acid, cysteine and glycine. The product is available in two forms: reduced (GSH) and oxidised (GSSG). GSH is used as a supplement, for example to improve liver function and skin whitening.

The objective of this project was to assist a client in gaining an understanding of the trade of glutathione for these specific markets and to identify those producing, selling and using glutathione along with some information on the quantities involved.


CPL used proprietary databases to examine trading activities in glutathione by 15 specified countries, searching through several hundreds of thousands of records, using a defined list of keywords. Duplicate records were removed and individual records were examined to remove B2C consumer products so that the final list contained only ingredient trading activities. The final results were tabulated to list trading activity by year, country, company and customer including the quantities traded if available.


The report was provided as an annotated spreadsheet. The report provided useful insights into the competitive landscape, state of the market and potential customers with which the client could engage.

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