In this case study, CPL Business assisted a potential investor in the due diligence of a gelatine and animal products company


The objective of this project was to assist our client in understanding the product portfolio of an animal products company that was a potential target for acquisition. This project sought to support the client in carrying out their due diligence regarding the gelatine market.


The study was based on sources available to CPL, including in-house databases and an extensive network of contacts in addition to the publicly available information. CPL also talked to a number of companies and institutes.

Searches were conducted to gather more information about markets, trends, companies and new products. We also carried out a short patent search to see if there were any recent innovations in animal products from various sources or their applications. Finally, we reviewed news articles and abstracts of journal articles that we considered useful.

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Gelatine and Animal Products Due Diligence

Objective and Method

Principal Findings

  • Gelatine Business
  • Collagen Peptides Business
  • Animal Fats Business
  • Blood Products Business
  • Bone Products, Hair and Hoof Products Business
  • Natural Casings Business
  • Heparin Business
  • Hydrolysed Peptone Business
  • Hydrolysed Feather Protein Business
  • Other Business Units

The Animal By-Product Industry

  • Abattoir By-Products (ABP)
  • Processed Animal Protein (PAP) and Meat and Bone Meal (MBM)
  • Industry Dynamics
    • Consolidation
    • Raw Material Supply
    • Barriers to Entry

Introduction to Company

Gelatine and Collagen Products

  • Gelatine Business
    • Background
    • World Market
    • Market Trends
    • Gelatine Companies
    • Gelatine Products
    • Product Support
    • Product Innovation
    • Substitution Risk
    • Overview of Gelatine
  • Collagen Peptides Business
    • Background
    • Technical Comparison of Target Company’s Collagen Peptides with Other Companies’ Products
    • Collagen Peptide Market
    • Overview Collagen Peptides

Fats, Blood and Other Products

  • Animal Fats
    • Uses and Markets for Animal Fats
    • Future Market Trends and CAGR
    • Fat Product Competitor Companies and Products
    • Animal Fat Overview
  • Blood Products (Animal Protein Products)
    • Uses and Markets for Blood Products
    • Blood Product/Animal Protein Competitor Companies
    • Blood Products Overview
  • Bone Products
    • Company’s Products
    • Competitor Products
    • Bone Products Overview
  • Hair and Hoof Products
  • Intestinal Tissue: Natural Casings
    • Sausage Casings Business and Competitor Products
    • Market Trends
    • Sausage Casing Overview
  • Intestinal Tissue: Heparin
    • The Heparin Business
    • Heparin Overview
  • Hydrolysed Peptone
    • Pig Feed Market
    • Product Overview
  • Hydrolysed Feather Protein
    • Feather Protein Overview

Other Animal-Derived Products


  • 13 contacts

Recent News

  • Summary
  • News Articles
    • 18 news articles

30 Tables

15 Figures

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