In this case study, a global ingredients company engaged CPL Business Consultants in a scouting project to find potential opportunities in functional food and health ingredients. 


An ingredients company sought to diversify its offering in functional food and health ingredients and engaged CPL for a scouting project focusing on opportunities linked to Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) / Weight Loss / Satiety & Insulin Resistance platforms.

Key factors identified for functional foods/ingredients were the likelihood of regulatory approval and also, the additional uncertainty surrounding timescales with the stiffening of the EU position concerning ‘hard’ health claims.


During the scouting project, CPL identified over 80 provisional opportunities in functional food and health ingredients using desktop and primary research and selected 50 possible opportunities or projects for further investigation.

The potential opportunities were initially assessed by scoring the following criteria: development costs to market, time to market, the attitude of the present owner, market size (value & volume), appeal, originality, proprietary nature, approval required, and fit with the client’s business.
The scores generated a ranking that was one element in determining preliminary recommendations to our client about further action. A limited number of opportunities were selected for further investigation.

CPL searched the patents databases, clinical trials databases and scientific publications databases in order to gain further insight into each opportunity. CPL also contacted these companies, and each opportunity was further before recommendations were presented.

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Table of Contents

Background, Objective and Method

Summary and Recommendations

Functional Food and Health Ingredient Opportunities

  • 16 Opportunities Profiled
    • Outline
    • Recommendation
    • Fit with the Client’s Business
    • Current status – Technical validity, including clinical trials
    • Actions required for participation
    • Development time and costs to decision or market
    • Market impact (volume and value)
    • Idea appeal and originality
    • Proprietary aspects
    • Regulatory aspects
    • Attitude of the present owner
    • Key Success Factors
    • Name and Address

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