The objective of this study was to determine a competitive strategy for the client in the sucrose esters business. Information was obtained from a variety of contacts within the industry, including manufacturers, distributors and agents, actual or potential customers in the food and cosmetics industries, market and technical consultants. This included established contacts within several companies thought likely to be potential customers for sucrose esters. Four areas of the sucrose ester business were investigated, the commercial, technical, legal and historical aspects.

Table of Contents

Market Awareness of Sucrose Esters


Production Capacity and Competition

Competition – Sales

Potential Profitability


  • Japan
  • EU
  • Rest of the World


  • Food
    • Interviews
  • Cosmetics
    • Summary
    • Transforming Emulsions
    • Natural ingredients
    • Supplier Influence
    • Interviews – Cosmetics

Legal Aspects of Sucrose Esters

  • Introduction
  • Food
  • Cosmetics

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