In this case study, CPL Business Consultants was engaged by a chemicals manufacturer to look for market opportunities in fatty esters. CPL provided a comprehensive report covering global markets, along with recommendations for a business growth strategy. 


The study’s objective was to give a qualitative view of the best market opportunity areas for our client, a European fatty ester manufacturer with a broad portfolio of products used in industrial and consumer applications. The project sought to provide the client with information to enable it to define the best market and product niches for its capabilities.


The study aimed to identify and quantitatively describe the various segments/sub-segments of potential fatty ester markets, describe the main players, define limitations and success factors and recommend potential areas for growth.

CPL examined publicly available literature and information, including existing consultancy reports, the trade press and annual reports from companies as well as contacts within the industry. CPL worked with other industry experts to get information and insights on the end-user markets for fatty esters and market trends.

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Market Opportunities for Fatty Esters

Executive Summary

  • Objective &  Method
  • Principal Findings
  • Conclusions
  • Recommendations

Geographic Markets

  • Europe
  • USA
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Japan

Fatty Ester End-Use Markets

  • Food and Flavours
    • Market
    • Aromas (Flavour and Fragrance)
    • Chewing Gum Plasticisers
    • Emulsifiers/Solvents
    • Release Agents
  • Personal Care
    • Emulsifiers
    • Surfactants
    • Emollients
    • Thickeners
    • Perlising Agents
    • UV Screening
  • Functional Fluids (Lubricants)
    • Environmentally Friendly Lubricants
    • Foundry and Metalworking Fluids
  • Other Applications
    • Aerosols
    • Anti-foaming Agents
    • Dewatering Agents
    • EDPM Manufacture
    • Explosives
    • Oil Slick Dispersants
    • Paints and Coatings
    • Pharmaceutical Excipients
    • Plasticisers for Plastics & Rubbers
    • Printed Circuit Boards
    • PVDF Manufacture
    • Sewerage Sealants
    • Soil conditioning / consolidation
    • Textiles & Leather
    • Wastewater treatment

Fatty Ester Product Types

  • Sorbitan Esters
  • Polysorbates
  • Polyglycerol Esters
  • Ricinoleate Esters
  • PEG Esters
  • Formate Esters

Main Fatty Ester Products

  • 12 Products and Main Players

Trade in Fatty Esters

  • UK Trade Data
    • Summary
  • US Trade Data
    • Summary


  • Summary
    • Geographic Markets
    • End Uses
    • Products
    • Players
    • Key Success Factors
  • Contact Reports
    • 13 contacts


  • 6 news articles

117 Tables, 51 Figures

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