The purpose of this study was to identify and recommend a sales structure and sales systems for the modified starch products of a US-based company. The client was seeking methods of distribution for the ‘rest of the world’ outside the US. However, the focus of this project was on distribution in the EU, with initial consideration being given to markets accessible from the UK and The Netherlands. The sales system had to be as effective and as cost-effective as possible. The client already sold its products in the US for use in the dairy and baking sectors and it possessed data, methods and technology which it planned to use to build markets for its products elsewhere.

Contents of the study included:



Principal Findings

  • Oat fibre
  • Starch derivatives
  • Agents, collaborators and distributors
  • Identification of companies
  • Other companies’ approach


  • Alternatives



  • Fibre markets
  • Fat replacer Markets
  • Barley
  • Diary product’s – market size
  • Background information on Fat replacers

Contact reports

Company and Product Literature

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