The purpose of this study was to assist the client in determining plans in the alginate business. The conclusion was that entering the alginate business by acquisition could form the basis for an expansion of the group’s activities in ingredients. The main findings were that the production and sale of alginate products is a stable and profitable business. Alginates have well-characterized properties and although alternatives to alginates have been investigated for years, the likelihood of novel cheaper substitutes replacing alginate were not high in the foreseeable future.

Table of Contents

Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations

World Market, Volume, Value, Price

UK Exports, Imports and Prices





Technical Aspects

Major Driving Forces on Change in the Market

  • Existing competitors
  • New alternatives
  • New uses
  • Consumer preferences

The Future

  • Price
  • Supply
  • Customers
  • Barriers to Growth
  • Projected Growth

Key Success Factors


Appendix A – Technical Aspects

  • Production of Alginate
  • Food Applications
  • Textiles
  • Minor Uses

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