In this case study, CPL was engaged to work directly with the CEO to finalise the market model and business plan for a confectionery coatings company as part of the vendor’s due diligence. The project concluded with the successful sale of the company. 


The objective of this project was to assist in quantifying the actual and potential market for a confectionery coatings company and in finalising a business plan for the business, which also formed part of a vendor’s due diligence.

Therefore the company sought to have a clear understanding of its position in existing markets and of its future growth potential. CPL aimed to assist and support the management of the target company in providing a business plan, including an excel spreadsheet modelling future growth, which also included supporting documentation. Finally, the main output was an excel spreadsheet which formed the basis of the vendor’s valuation of the company.


CPL initially reviewed the global markets for the client’s products, focusing on growth and trends.  Then, we worked closely with the CEO and senior management to compile the market model, summarising the company’s activities in 20 core geographic markets, including future growth estimations for each product and market. We then used a combination of desk-based research using CPL’s database, external databases and publicly available information; interviews using CPL’s network, other relevant companies, distributors, government agencies etc. The data collected was analysed using CPL’s own models and, additionally, frameworks from the client.

Look below for an outline.

Table of Contents

Confectionery Market Overview

  • Global Confectionery
  • EU Confectionery
    • Chocolate Confectionery
    • Sugar Confectionery
  • Confectionery Coatings Market

Core Geographic Markets

23 countries reviewed

  • Operational Characteristics
  • Market Characteristics
  • Historic Financials
  • Budget and Projections
  • Budget Assumptions
  • SWOT
  • Management Assumptions

White Spots

Ten geographic markets reviewed

New Projects

Five projects reviewed

  • Market Overview
  • Products and Brands
  • Differentiation
  • Global Drivers
  • Geographic Markets
    • Global, UK and US


  • 6 Expert Interviews

72 Tables

10 Figures

Have a look at our PowerPoint Introduction and Brochure describing deliverables, differentiators and case studies. Eight case studies can also be reviewed.

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