In this case study, a venture capital company engaged CPL Business Consultants to assess the business plan of a biotechnology pioneer in bioconversion for food ingredients. CPL helped produce a realistic business plan, and the client founded a start-up to develop the technology.

The use of bioconversion for making speciality chemicals, such as flavours and fragrances, is growing. In recent years there have been a number of product launches of natural compounds, which are uneconomical to extract from plants or not sustainable, which are now produced using enzymes. We worked closely a pioneer in the field and an investor, securing further funding to develop its innovative technology.

CPL reviewed the business plan for a biotechnology company that the client was considering funding. The business plan included a number of clever enzymatic approaches for making novel food and pharmaceutical ingredients. Some of the products addressed high-value markets with clear market needs.

However, typically, the business plan contained aspects that were unlikely to be successful and also underestimated the resources required.  CPL’s consultants, with direct experience in biotechnology companies, addressed the areas of the business plan which were unrealistic or improbable.

Working with the entrepreneur, CPL produced a robust and realistic business plan which the client could use to attract investors. The client founded and funded a start-up company to develop the technology. The start-up grew into a dynamic ingredients company specialising in the discovery and development of natural ingredients for the food and personal care markets.  The company retained CPL to support it as it investigated new products and markets, such as natural preservatives.

The company went on to develop important products and IP in ingredients, paving the way for later innovations in bioconversion and precision fermentation products. Products launched included a natural vanilla flavour and a melanin product for use in high-value personal care products.

In addition to this biotechnology company business plan, CPL has also e.g. worked on a strategic review for an ingredients company. You can find further examples using the search bar on this page or by browsing by areas of expertise. Have a look at our Introduction and Brochure for a description of our consultancy work. You can also review eight case studies.

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