In this case study, CPL Business Consultants was engaged by a global crop protection company to advise it on the market entry strategies it should employ for biofungicides and biostimulants. 


The objective of this report was to provide our client with insights into successful market access strategies for biofungicides and biostimulants used in the biological crop protection business. Our client wanted to know what strategies are used, how successful they have been and what their reputations are among user groups. It also sought advice on what it should do to compete successfully in the industry.


CPL combined desk-based research and interviews to complete this report. To provide the client with a review of the technologies and species of biofungicides and biostimulants, we used scientific literature and company reports. Company websites, government statistics, trade news and interviews with industry participants were used to profile the activities of companies producing biologicals and allow CPL to generate recommendations to the client. Contacts included manufacturers, distributors, research organisations, regulatory specialists and grower groups.

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Table of Contents

Objective, Background and Scope

Principal Findings

  • Markets
  • Developing and Marketing Biofungicides
  • Players and Products
  • Contacts Views
  • Answers to Client’s Questions

Conclusions and Recommendations


  • Biofungicides
    • Definition and Benefits
    • Uses
    • Types of Biofungicide
  • Biostimulants
    • Definition
    • Benefits
    • Uses
    • Types of Biostimulant


  • Market Value
    • Agricultural Biologicals and Biopesticides
    • Biofungicides
    • Biostimulants
    • Conventional Fungicides
    • Market Potential
  • Outlook
    • Biofungicides
    • Biostimulants

Developing and Marketing Biofungicides and Biostimulants

  • Key Success Factors
  • Company Structure and Strategy
    • Resourcing and R&D
  • Product Development
    • Product Formulation
  • Target Pathogens
    • Vegetable Crops
    • Viticulture
  • Regulations and Trials
    • Approval Process for Plant Protection Products
    • Approval Process for Biostimulants
  • Value Chain and Distribution
    • Selecting Distributors
    • User Education
    • Positioning Biologicals
    • Product Pricing
  • Portfolio Development

Players and Products

  • Summary
    • Company Performance
    • Reputation
    • Product Portfolio
  • 27 Biofungicide Companies
  • 39 Biostimulant Companies


  • Contacts Summary
    • Interest in Biologicals
    • Target Markets
    • Distribution
    • Challenges
  • Contacts – 12 Manufacturers & Distributors
  • Contacts – 10 Research Organisations and Regulatory Specialists
  • Contacts – 11 Cooperatives, Grower Associations and Growers

Recent Industry News

  • 19 Company News Items
  • 6 Product and Technology News Items


  • Appendix 1 Criteria for Approval of an Active Substance (From Annex Ii Of Ec Regulation (Ec) No 1107/2009).
  • Appendix 2 Data Requirements for Active Substances.
  • Appendix 3 Data Requirements for Plant Protection Products.
  • Appendix 4 Company Product Brochures and Trials Data

45 Tables

71 Figures

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