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Baker’s yeast acquisition in the United States
The objective of this investigation was to obtain an overview of the current situation, recent trends and views of the near future of the baker’s yeast business in the United States in order to assist the client in determining whether or not to make an acquisition in this sector. In particular, the study focussed on assessing the volume, price and competitive situation. We profile the major players, determining their position in market and their strategies.

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Table of Contents



Principal Findings

  • Volume
  • Price
  • Competition
  • Market Share
  • Capacity
  • Players and Player Strategy


Company Summaries

  • 5 Companies


  • 7 Yeast Producers
  • 4 Yeast End Users
  • 4 Others

Volume Calculations

Appendix 1 – Companies in the US Yeast Business

Appendix 2 – Bread Consumption/Production in the US

  • Low-Carb Effects and News

Appendix 3 – Bread Producers

  • Flower’s Foods
  • IBC

Appendix 4 – News

Appendix 5 – Yeast Product Types

Appendix 6 – Technology Developments

  • Patents
  • Research
  • News

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