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The objective of this study was to assist in obtaining the evidence necessary to convince an ethical committee that it will be safe to test L-arabinose. The focus of this project was on the Japanese market since it is the only market where products containing arabinose are available. The study sought to answer the following questions:

  1. How long has arabinose been used in Japan?
  2. What kind of approval does it have and what basic food approval is needed in Japan?
  3. What evidence was presented to obtain whatever level of approval arabinose does have?
  4. What kinds of products are sold containing arabinose?
  5. What volumes of these products are sold and what is the total volume likely to have been consumed since its introduction?
  6. Have any adverse effects been reported and had there been any adverse press?
  7. What additional work has been undertaken in Japan on arabinose?

Additionally, the study sought to find information on the companies which are selling arabinose in Japan and the marketing reception.

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Contents include




Principal Findings

  • History of Arabinose Use in Japan
  • Approval of Food Additives in Japan
  • Evidence for the Safety of Arabinose
  • Companies
  • Products Containing Arabinose in Japan
  • Research on Arabinose



  • Introduction
    • Chemical Structure
    • Origin
    • History of Use
  • Companies
    • Godo Shusei
    • Sanwa Cornstarch
    • Unitika
  • Products Containing Arabinose
  • Evidence for the Safety of Arabinose
    • Evidence Presented for Approval in Japan
    • Other Evidence
  • Adverse Press
    • ADHD
    • Autism
    • Diarrhoea
    • Restrictions on Use in Japanese Products
  • Research on Arabinose
    • Institutes and Organisations
    • Publications

Food Legislation in Japan

  • Outline of the Administration of Food Safety
    • Relevant Statutes
    • Related Laws
    • Specifications and Standards for Food, Additives, Apparatus, Containers/ Packages, Etc.
    • Establishment of Specifications and Standards
  • the Guidelines for Designation of Food Additives, and for Revision of Standards for Use of
  • Food Additives (Excerpt)
    • Purpose
    • Procedures for Designation and Revision of Standards for Use of Food Additives
    • Documentation Required for Designation of Food Additives and Revision of Standards for Use of Food Additives.
    • Specific Considerations for Documentation Required to Apply for Revision of Standards for Use


Contact Reports

  • 4 Commercial
  • 1 Distributor
  • 6 Academic Contacts
  • 1 Government Contacts

Appendix 1 – Additional Information

  • 5 Specification Sheets and MSDSs Products
  • 4 Prices for Arabinose

24 Tables

6 Figures

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