The objective of this study was to review the markets for feed additives and premixes, in Serbia and neighbouring countries in the Balkans.


CPL surveyed 100 farmers to assess their views on competing companies and how they position themselves. We used public databases to support our findings, reporting on the size and growth of the animal feed and animal production industries in the Balkans, and company literature and contacts.

Table of Contents

Market Drivers

  • Regional Drivers for Feed
  • Animal Protein Consumption
  • Regional Farming Structure

Market for Compound Feed

  • Europe and Regional Compound Feed Market Estimates

Raw Material Supply

  • Supply Sufficiency
  • Raw Material price Volatility
  • Raw Material and Feed Prices

Market for Premixes and Additives

  • Technical Introduction and Definitions
  • Market Drivers
  • Europe and Regional Premix and Additives Market Estimates
  • Importance of IP

Competitive Environment for Feed, Premixes and Additives

  • Portfolios
  • Profiles
  • Survey Findings


Appendix I: Home Country Competitors

  • 15 Company Profiles

Appendix II: Regional Competitors

  • 8 Company Profiles

Appendix III: Farmer Survey Respondents

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