In this case study, CPL Business Consultants was engaged by a client which offered a nutraceutical bioassay to assist with its business development and market growth strategy in North America. The client’s bioassay could predict potential health benefits in humans.

CPL provided information on competing products, markets and customers, including insights from interviews.  CPL gave clear strategic recommendations on how to approach the market and position the product and also made introductions to potential customers through its network. Additionally, the client retained CPL Executive Search, which subsequently found a successful salesperson for this market.


The objective of this study was to utilise CPL’s knowledge and networks to assist the client with its business development in North America.


The study was mainly based on in-house databases and an extensive network of contacts in addition to publicly available information. Additional information was obtained from key resources in the nutraceutical and laboratory bioassays services industries in sufficient depth to provide accurate analysis and guidance. CPL used its extensive network of contacts to elicit information that would be difficult or impossible for the client to obtain independently.

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Table of Contents

Principal Findings

  • Nutraceutical Bioassays, Validation and Testing Services
  • C. elegans in Validation and Screening
  • Nutraceutical Bioassays and Other Testing Services Markets
  • Conclusions and Recommendations

Claims Substantiation and Regulatory Testing

  • C. elegans
  • RNA interference
  • Other Bioassays

Market for Nutraceutical Bioassays

  • Sports Nutrition
    • Plant Extracts
    • Health and Marketing Claims
    • Shelf-Life Extension
    • Personal Care
  • Animal Health
    • Pet Care Products and Services

Players and Products

  • Major Classes of Botanical Extracts
    • Phytoestrogens
    • Carotenoids
    • Sulphur-Containing Phytochemicals
    • Phycocyanin
    • Nitrates
  • Polyphenols in Health & Nutrition
    • Sirutin Activators, PPAR & AMPK Modulators

17 Potential Customers for Nutraceutical Bioassays

9  Providers of Competing Bioassay Services

11 Expert Contact Interviews

23 Nutraceuticals News & Research


  • Nutraceutical Bioassays Competitors’ Literature
  • Client Related Literature
  • Academic Literature
  • Nutraceutical Bioassay Market Data
    • 5 Tables
    • 21 Figures

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