In this case study, a global chemicals and fertiliser company engaged CPL Business Consultants to look at potential opportunities in Alternative Crop Protection (ACP). CPL produced a detailed report and advised the client on a go-to-market strategy. The client has since formed a strategic alliance in this market. 

This study aimed to provide information about the companies currently active in Alternative Crop Protection (ACP), e.g. biopesticides. Some companies were vertically integrated, making and selling products, whilst others were horizontally integrated, specialising in distributing ACP products within a particular region or sector.

The client wanted to obtain information about these companies and how they work to evaluate various options for developing an ACP business. In addition, the client needed to know whether there were realistic business opportunities within Europe. Finally, it believed it might need additional competence in the Alternative Crop Protection business sector and planned to make decisions and act in this direction.

The study focussed on France, Italy, Spain and the UK and included information on companies in the ACP business, e.g.:

  • Alternative Crop Protection Industry structure
  • Strengths, core competencies and weaknesses of the various producers
  • Profiles of specialist distribution companies
  • Distribution channels and routes to market
  • Technologies, including those with future promise
  • Potential manufacturer or research organisation partners

Conclusions and recommendations concerned opportunities in the ACP business, addressing both the up-side and down-side of these opportunities. CPL made strategic recommendations on the next steps. Details of information sources were included so the client could update itself on these topics in the future.

Alternative Crop Protection

Executive Summary

  • Objective
  • Principal Findings and Conclusions
    • Vertical Integration
    • Horizontal Integration
    • Business Opportunities Within Europe
    • Business Opportunities in The Us
    • Technology
  • Strategic Recommendations


  • Introduction
  • Companies – Geographic Distribution
  • Product Ranges – By Company
  • Manufacturers And Distributors
  • Identified Distributors of Products
  • Distributors
  • Distribution Networks
  • Technologies e.g.
    • Baculoviruses
    • Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis)
    • Neem Insecticides
    • Semiochemicals
    • Bioherbicides
  • Contact Reports
  • Product Lists
  • Figures And Tables
    • Geographical Distribution of Manufacturers and Distributors
      • Beneficial Insects
      • Nematodes, Pheromones and Traps.
      • Microbial Biopesticide Products
      • Products for Disease Control
      • Weed Control Products
    • Beneficial Insects Sold by European Companies
    • Nematodes, Pheromones and Sticky Traps Sold by European Companies
    • Microbial Products Sold by European Companies
    • Companies Manufacturing ACP (e.g. biopesticide) Products
    • Companies Distributing Alternative Crop Protection Products
    • Summary of Findings

CPL has completed many projects in biopesticides. You can find further examples by using the search bar on this site. Have a look at our PowerPoint Introduction and Brochure describing deliverables, differentiators and case studies. You can also review eight case studies.

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