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The objective of this project was to assist our client in finding potential acquisition targets in mussels, seafood and related foods.

The client wanted to increase its commercial presence as a food company and the objective of this project was to identify suitable acquisition targets to assist it in achieving this goal.

CPL sought companies selling branded food products based on seafood resources. European companies, especially those with markets in the France, Spain, Italy and the UK were sought. The project focussed on finding companies with ~$100m in sales although companies in the range of $50m to $150m were considered.


CPL compiled a list of ~1700 companies operating in the seafood market. Various sources were used including CPL’s in-house database, company directories and trade show exhibitors.

The list was progressively reduced to according to the criteria set out by the client to reject companies that were clearly not suitable. The list was progressively reduced according to the clients. Selected companies were analysed in more detail and those furthest away from the client’s criteria were removed and the resulting list of 61 companies (the ‘NPA List’) was subjected to CPL’s Non-Parametric Analysis for further prioritisation.

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Table of Contents



  • Creating and Shortening Lists Of Companies
  • Contacts Made
  • Non-Parametric Analysis

Principal Findings and Recommendations

Profiles for Top 20 Companies

Non-Parametric Analysis Scoring

  • 45 Scoring Profiles

5 Tables

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