In this case study, a global biopesticides company engaged CPL Business Consultants to look for potential partnership or acquisition opportunities as part of its growth strategy. Following a comprehensive search, CPL found 38 potential acquisition or partnership opportunities in inoculants, yield enhancements and biopesticides in North and South America.

Objective and Method

The objective was to identify acquisition and partnership opportunities in inoculants, yield enhancements and also biopesticides.  During the project, we identified and obtained data on potential acquisition targets in biopesticides using an extensive network of contacts (the CPL Value-Net), the internet and also proprietary reports. Initially, CPL assembled a list of the companies operating in the market sectors of interest in North and South America. The list was filtered based on factors such as size and location, and the remaining targets were then investigated and analysed. Finally, CPL made recommendations according to the client’s criteria and reported in full.

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Biopesticides Acquisitions and Partners

Objective and Method

  • Texts of Email Communications with Companies
  • Biopesticide, Inoculant and Other Companies Identified
  • Non-Parametric Analysis

Principal Findings, Conclusions and Recommendations

  • Biopesticides
  • Mycorrhizae
  • Soil Amendments
  • Others

Inoculant, Yield Enhancement and Biopesticide Companies

  • 9 High Priority Companies – Meet Soon
  • 9 Medium Priority Companies – Think About Then Try to Meet
  • 20 Lower Priority Companies – Watch and Meet When Possible
  • 51 Companies – Not Suitable Within Present Strategy
  • 2 North American Companies – Not Considered

Biopesticide and Inoculant Markets

  • Summary
    • New Technologies
    • Growth (CAGR) and Trends
    • Prices and ROI to the Users
  • Biopesticide and Inoculant Market Size by Geography
  • Inoculant Sales Split by Key Crop
  • Yield Enhancement Products
    • LCO (Lipo-chitooligosaccharide)
    • Isoflavonoids
      • Differentiators
      • Compatibility and Crops (on-label and off-label)
      • Mode of Action, IP and Patents
      • Current status and validity
  • Inoculation and Plant Growth Promoters
    • Azotobacter
    • Ecto-mycorrhizae
    • Endo-mycorrhizae
    • Rhizobia
    • Others
  • 6 Market Contact Reports

13 Market and Company News Articles

20 Tables

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