The objective of the study was to assist the client in developing the acidifier business in feed additives. The study describes the European feed acidifiers market and sets this into its world-wide context. The study also identified potential acquisition candidates in feed additives.

The focus of the study was on Western European markets. The deliverables agreed were: – Market Analysis; Market Size by segment; Market Forecasts; Drivers and Restraints; Market Structure and Value Chain: Market Participants/Players; Competitive Environment including Key Barriers to Market Entry; Trends influencing Key Customers Groups; Customer Profitability; and Acquisition possibilities.

Initially, qualitative and quantitative data about the markets and trends are obtained. We were able to compare data from varied sources and contacts to either confirm or question our findings and other reports. To assist us in forecasting future trends and developments in this sector, we reviewed some of the current technical literature on the use of organic acids and other additions to animal feed and to make some academic and institutional contacts for further information.

The objective was to obtain, and to convey, an understanding of the business and its dynamics, rather than to provide a comprehensive and detailed numerical picture of the market.

As part of the project, we identified potential acquisition targets. These were characterised by a variety of methods. Opportunities and preliminary analysis of potential candidates are provided along with recommendations concerning the best companies to consider further.

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The contents of the study included:



Principal Findings and Conclusions

  • Animal Feed Ingredients
  • Animal Feed Additives
  • Feed Acidifiers
  • Acquisitions


Markets and Trends

  • Animal Feed
  • Animal Production by Type & Prices
  • Organic Food

Markets and Trends – Animal Feed Additives

  • Market Value and Volume
  • Price
  • Competition
  • Additive Types in the EU
  • Industry Challenges
  • Market Drivers and Restraints
  • Production by Geographic Location

Description of Feed Acidifiers Used

  • Definition of Feed Acidifiers
  • Applications for Acids & Salts by Animal Type

Markets and Trends in Feed Additive Acidifiers

  • Market Value and Volume by acid type
  • Price
  • Products
  • Market Trends
  • Market Drivers and Restraints
    • Effect of banning of Antibiotics
    • In the Media
    • Legislation & Registration
    • Antibiotic Withdrawal
    • Feed Additives
    • Consumption of White Meat
    • Solid versus Liquid Acidifiers
    • Corrosive Nature of Acidifiers
    • Technological Developments

Market Players – Competition

Success Factors

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Structure

List of Acidifier Companies

  • 33 company profiles

Contact Reports

  • 17 Feed Acidifier Companies
  • 10 Premixers
  • 6 Compounders
  • 9 Integrators/Farmers
  • 10 Academics, Government Bodies & Animal Associations

Acquisitions – Non Parametric Analysis

58 Tables

12 Figures

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