K0106 Market for Polydextrose

The objective was to determine the potential for polydextrose in the EU and focus the marketing efforts to develop the EU.

Information on polydextrose and bulking agents was gathered for this report. Competitors were analysed and the nature of the threats posed by them were assessed. New areas to use polydextrose were found through analysis of its current market and the potential new applications based on its health claims such as dietary fibre, cholesterol reducer and glucose.

The information and literature on polydextrose was compared with other products on the market including those calling themselves soluble fibre, low calorie bulking agents, sugar replacers and gelling agents.

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Table of contents

Principal findings

    Specific applications

Market positioning

    Chemical verses natural
    New technical functionalities
    Claims made about soluble fibre
    Historical technical functionalities


    Manufacturers and distributors of polydextrose
    Manufacturers and distributors of substitutes

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