In this case study CPL Business consultants supported technical and commercial due diligence on a company selling texturizing and stabilising food ingredients. CPL provided useful insights, and the project ultimately resulted in a successful transaction.


The objective of this project was to assist a client in answering key questions regarding a potential acquisition target and in supporting the due diligence process as technical and commercial experts.


The client was a global company operating in >20 countries, with >10,000 employees and >100 manufacturing facilities.  As part of its strategy to expand its portfolio of speciality brands, it acquired a food stabilizer company. The client identified a complementary ‘bolt-on’ acquisition in stabilizers and emulsifiers to further expand the business.


The scope of the project fell into three main areas:

  • Competitors
  • Customers
  • Markets

CPL initially provided information on the competitive landscape in North America and Europe  including:

  • Product lines of competitors and target market segments
  • Impact of current market trends on specific ingredients
  • Impact of or potential for raw material issues or shortages

We then carried out interviews with major customers to establish:

  • The reputation of the target and its product lines
  • Growth opportunities for the target
  • The risk of the target’s formulas being replaced

Finally, we completed an analysis of the key trends, opportunities, market drivers and challenges for:

  • Stabilizers & Emulsifiers
  • Protein Blends


With in a compressed timescale, CPL’s team of experts delivered an insightful >120 page report which included profiles of major competitors, market analyses and interviews.

In conclusion, the due diligence process resulted in a successful acquisition of the texturizing company for CPL’s client.

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