In this case study, CPL Business Consultants was engaged by an ingredients company to analyse the market for tartaric acid to identify new applications and areas of potential growth.  


CPL conducted an extensive search and review of scientific publications, patents, trade news, regulatory databases and clinical trials databases. Additionally, CPL interviewed 50 companies which were manufacturing, trading or using tartaric acid and its derivatives.

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Tartaric Acid Market and Applications

Objective, Background and Scope

Principal Findings

  • Markets and Trade
    • Imports and Exports
    • Salts and Derivatives
  • End-Use Markets
  • Players
  • News

Conclusions and Recommendations


  • Overview of tartaric acid and derivatives

Markets and Trade

  • Current Market
    • Tartaric acid
    • Potassium Bitartrate
    • Potassium Sodium Tartrate

Barriers to Entry and Key Factors for Success

End-user Sectors

  • Food Applications
  • Emulsifiers
    • The Global Emulsifiers Market
  • Meat Preservation
  • Bitterness Masking and Sodium Reduction
  • Non-food applications

Players and Products

  • 30 Companies


  • Summary
    • End use markets
    • Growth areas
    • Threats
  • 8 Manufacturers and Traders
  • 12 End Users – Food
  • 30 End Users – Non-food


  • Overview
    • Tartaric acid
    • Potassium Bitartrate
    • Potassium Sodium Tartrate

7 News

Appendix – Clinical Trials with Tartrates

35 Tables and 35 Figures

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