In this case study, an international sugar and sweetener company engaged CPL Business Consultants to offer strategic recommendations on entering the market for small-scale blends. 

The purpose of this study was to provide our client with information on the market for smaller quantities of customer-specific sweetener blends, for example, consisting of liquid mixtures and dry blends of sugar with other ingredients.

The definition for small-scale was units of less than one tonne. Customers for smaller-scale quantities might include food manufacturers already blending themselves; for example, it might be more cost-effective to buy blends made to their own requirements and delivered just in time. Liquid blends might include sucrose and glucose, invert, flavours and colours and also dry mixtures with sucrose with starch, polydextrose, dextrose, spray-dried glucose and fructose.

Specifically, CPL’s client wanted to know if it should sell syrups and whether or not to invest in new production and blending capacity.

Small-Scale Sweetener Blends Market

Executive Summary

  • Objective & Method
  • Principal Findings
  • Conclusions and Recommendations
    • Options on Starch Syrups
  • Recommendations on Starch Syrups
    • Market Potential for Starch Syrups
    • Blending Capacity and High Intensity Sweeteners

Introduction to Sweetener Blends

Industry Players

  • Starch Syrup, Sugar and High Intensity Sweeteners

Product Sectors

  • Soft Drinks
  • Ice Cream
  • James and Marmalades
  • Baking
  • Confectionery
  • Brewing
  • Other Foods


  • Legal Issues for HIS and Nutritive Sweetener Blends Market

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