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The purpose of this study was to assist our client in updating its understanding of the present market for erythritol and the ongoing situation in stevia.

CPL sought to identify the users of erythritol in the food & beverage area, and to try to prioritise by listing the top 10 users. The focus was on global companies.

A second objective was to investigate suppliers’ capacities and prices for rebaudioside A/stevia and to provide our client with some insight and recommendations on the best company with which to work.

Our client wished to have information on aspects of erythritol as shown below:

• World market demand: Volumes, Value, Growth & Future Forecast
• Geographical Division: EU, US and ROW
• Applications Division: Food & Beverages
• List of Users: Top Ten highlighted, focus on global companies

For stevia, the focus was on suppliers, their capacities and prices.


CPL consulted with a group of individuals who were intimately linked to erythritol and stevia products over many years. For some of these, their involvement had ended and they are in other employment but still with contacts within the relevant sweetener business. Others were presently in positions of some responsibility still within these organisations being retained as consultants. These contacts are unnamed in the report.

Public sources were also used for much of the ‘hearsay’ information about both products. In addition, we used other database resources and obtained all the product launches worldwide since 2002 for erythritol and for the past 12 months for stevia derivatives.

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Table of Contents



Short Answers to Client’s Questions

Principal Findings and Conclusions

  • Erythritol
    • Introduction
    • Market and current situation
  • Stevia derivatives
    • Introduction
    • Market and current situation
  • Erythritol and Rebaudioside A in Products
    • Beverages- volume
    • Beverages – price
    • Beverages – cost
    • Tabletop – volume
    • Tabletop – price
    • Tabletop – cost
    • Other

Final Conclusions and Recommendations


  • Product launches
    • By country
    • By category
    • By year
    • By company
  • Contact Overview – Erythritol
  • Summary of recent information on erythritol
    • Players
    • Volume and production expansion
    • Market
    • Technical Challenges
    • Regulations
    • Potential customers
    • Applications
    • Safety
  • Extracts from External Reports and Analysis of Erythritol
    • CPL Comment
    • Overview
    • Sales
    • Sales and price projections 2002-2012
    • Market share
    • Applications
    • Benefits
  • Patents
    • Overview
    • Graphs
    • Beverages
    • Food
  • Technical summary of Erythritol
  • Functionality of Erythritol in products
    • Beverages
    • Sugar free and/or diabetic chocolate
    • Sugar free, low calorie and/or diabetic ice cream
    • Yoghurts and dairy products
    • Bakery
    • Confectionery
    • Dietary supplements
    • Table of functionality and competing products in food (2005)
    • Table of potential uses for erythritol (2005)
  • For and Against
    • Benefits
    • Dis-benefits
    • Physiological issues in consumption
  • Chinese companies reported to make erythritol
    • 6 companies
  • Contact names in Companies using Erythritol
    • 11 contacts


  • Producers and Capacities
    • 11 companies
  • Product launches
  • Contact Overview – Stevia
  • Summary of recent information on stevia
    • Players
    • Volume and production expansion
    • Market
    • Price
    • Technical challenges
    • Regulations
    • Potential customers
    • Development companies
    • Supply
    • Applications
    • Safety
  • Patents
    • Overview
    • Graphs
    • Food – stevia
    • Food – rebaudioside
    • Beverages – stevia
    • Beverages – rebaudioside
  • Contacts for Stevia Companies
    • 7 companies

Contact Reports on Erythritol and Stevia

  • 12 contacts

News on Erythritol

  • 18 news articles

News on stevia

  • Commercial
    • 28 articles
  • Regulatory
    • 3 articles
  • Technical
    • 2 articles
  • Other
    • 4 articles



  • 15 Tables


  • 13 Figures

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