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The objective was to assist a client to extend the use of its production facilities the USA. At present, these facilities have a number of processing and chemical manufacturing capabilities of which only a portion are being used. Despite this, the facilities were profitable and also of considerable strategic significance.

For all of these important reasons, the facility was not for sale but could nevertheless represent an opportunity or a solution for some company if the correct problem could be found.

Possibilities for which these facilities could be the solution included other products that could be made and sold by the client; or collaborations with a variety of other companies under a variety of commercial terms (including tolling arrangements).

Contents include

Objective and Background


Principal findings, Conclusions and Recommendations

Interested companies

  • 14 Interested companies

Companies pending response

  • 3 Interested companies

Appendix 1: Initial conference call

Appendix 2: Introduction document

The client

The facilities

The opportunities


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