In this case study, CPL Business Consultants was engaged by an industry research entity to find development partners for a new glycaemic index-lowering (GI) ingredient.  Through its extensive networks, CPL provided a qualified list of interested parties and also facilitated introductions to them.


The objective of this project was to assist our client in identifying potential partners and then facilitating partnerships for developing a novel glycaemic index-lowering product suitable for use either as an ingredient in food or as a dietary supplement.

To present the ‘opportunity’ to potential partners, CPL produced a non-confidential ‘teaser’ which was then followed by a confidential ‘Information Memorandum’ based on the client’s work to date.


The approach CPL used was to initially prepare a non-confidential ‘teaser’ of a few pages, which outlined the glycaemic index-lowering ingredient opportunity.

Then, CPL contacted ~600 companies to inform them of the opportunity. Responders were then offered a confidentiality disclosure agreement, after which an ‘Information Memorandum’ was sent, along with the clinical data report and the client’s patent.

Finally, CPL talked through this IM with candidates and discussed the Glycaemic Index-Lowering opportunity to qualify the potential collaborators.

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Glycaemic Index-Lowering Ingredient Partners

Executive Introduction

  • Objective & Method
  • Principal Findings & Recommendations
  • Ongoing Input from CPL


  • First Email
  • Introductory Teaser for GI-Lowering Ingredient
    • The Client
    • The Product
    • The Market
    • The Opportunity
    • Contact
  • Expressions of Interest
  • CDA
  • Information Memorandum for the Glycaemic Index-Lowering Ingredient
    • The Client
    • The Product
    • The Market
    • The Next Steps

Responses from Companies and Potential Partners

  • 26 Company Responses relating to the Glycaemic Index-Lowering Ingredient partnership opportunity
  • Other Companies

2 Tables

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