In this case study, a biotechnology company engaged CPL Business Consultants to advise on exploiting a molecular pharming technology. The client had a genetic modification technology which could produce polypeptides from plants (GMOs).

The client had maintained an agreement with a pharmaceutical company for several years required advice on how best to develop its molecular pharming and genetic modification technology and to structure its partnership relationships.

CPL organised a private ‘symposium’ with eight experts in production and legal protection of therapeutics.

During the symposium the strength, weaknesses and differentiation of the technology were discussed. The workshop and brainstorming session also generated ideas for new products based on the same molecular pharming technology.  Following this, CPL wrote a number of summary reports. CPL also made 6 main strategic recommendations, detailing the next steps the client should take.

In conclusion, the client was able successfully to restructure its working relationships and additionally, CPL supported the client in finding new partners in new markets.

CPL has worked on a number of other studies in genetic engineering including in sweeteners and water use in plants.

Have a look at our PowerPoint Introduction and Brochure describing deliverables, differentiators and case studies. You can also review Eight case studies.

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