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The objective of this market study was to assist our client in understanding the value added in the manufacture of microcrystalline cellulose (MCC).

The client was interested in adding value to its current operations by entering the market for MCC and wished to gain a fuller understanding of pricing and manufacturing costs involved.

The purpose of this study was to assist the client by providing information on the manufacturing costs, current pricing and market demand for MCC.


The main contents of the study were based on sources available to CPL in addition to publicly available information. These included annual reports, SEC filings, investor presentations, patents, information from the trade press and some inside information from industry contacts.

CPL contacted over 35 experts in the field as part of this work, although some would not comment on the costs involved in manufacturing MCC. Transcripts of conversations with 23 contacts are included in the report. The contacts were made in the EU and in North America.

Where possible the companies were contacted in order to obtain information on their organisations and their product ranges.

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Table of Contents

Objective and Background


Principal Findings

  • Manufacturing
  • Current Pricing
  • Market Dynamics
  • Historic Market Data

Conclusions and Recommendations

Cost Estimation for MCC Production

  • Analysis of Company A’ Cost Base
  • Selected Financial Information
    • Financial information for 3 companies

Contacts Overview

  • Contacts From 2011
    • Market Value and Volume
    • Market Growth
    • Profitability
    • Pricing
    • Key Success Factors
    • Barriers to Entry
    • Companies
    • Production Methods
    • Production Costs
  • Contacts From 2004

Contact Reports

  • Cellulose and Cellulose Derivatives Manufacturers
    • Contacts from 6 companies
  • Distributors
    • Contacts from 4 companies
  • Others
    • Contacts from 5 companies

Recent News

  • News Articles
    • 7 articles
  • Headlines
    • 6 headlines

Recent Patents

  • Overview
  • Patent Abstracts

28 Tables

3 Figures

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