In this case study, an artificial insemination and dairy genetics company engaged CPL Business Consultants to formulate a marketing plan for a newly acquired bolt-on. The client built a solid and profitable business which subsequently became part of a larger regional company.

In order to grow its top line and geographic coverage, CPL’s client acquired an artificial insemination genetics service company which served the dairy industry. It then engaged CPL to collaborate on developing a marketing plan as part of its post-integration full-potential initiative. The focus was on dairy genetics market dynamics, value to the customer, sales agents’ relationships, brand values and also re-launch opportunities.

The recommendations included for example, actions for human resourcing, market approach and franchising out specific services. Additional initiatives included modernising the sales approach, e.g. through increased e-commerce and also reducing overheads.

Artificial Insemination and Dairy Genetics Marketing Plan

Genetics Marketing Plan Summary

  • Action Plan
  • Implementation Timetable


  • Current Position and Challenges

Mission Statement

  • Primary Strategic Objectives

Strategic Considerations

  • Market Strategy, Objective and Tactics

Action Plan for Artificial Insemination and Dairy Genetics

  • Company Organisation and Sales Structure
  • Potential Sales Cost Efficiencies
  • Service Offering and Positioning
  • Training and Development Initiatives
  • Information Technology Initiatives

SWOT Analysis of the Company

  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

Competitors in Genetics and Artificial Insemination

  • Dairy Genetics Market Share
  • Segments Addressed
  • Pricing of Dairy Genetics

Artificial Insemination and Dairy Genetics Market Overview

  • Artificial Insemination Market Segmentation
  • The Genetics Purchase Decision

Market Characterisation e.g.

  • Economics of Milk production
  • Number and Distribution of Cows
  • Geographic Distribution and Number of Farms

Sales Forecasts and Cost Budgets e.g.

  • Budget and Business Plan Scenarios

Contact Reports

  • For Example, Farmers and other Artificial Insemination Stakeholders

Tables & Graphs

  • Market Coverage
  • Dairy Genetics Competitive Position
  • Influences on Genetics Purchase Decision
  • Economics of Milk Production
  • Regional Dairy Analysis e.g.
    • Cows, Farms and Herd Size
  • Sales Forecasts, Results and Margins
  • Implementation Investment Required
  • Results, Extra Costs and Net Cash

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