The objective of this study was to assist the client in determining if there is a potential for business development in liquid sweetener blends including liquid sweeteners in general and liquid sugars.

For the client, liquid sugar sales could allow it to both obtain greater profit and to get closer to its customers. Although a number of specialised liquid sweetener products have been introduced, they presently sell relatively little. The client wondered whether this was due to lack of effort on the marketing of these products, and whether increased efforts will or can result in improved sales and stronger relationships with customers.

The study obtained information on the EU and US markets and trends for liquid sugar and blends from a wide variety of sources. These included interviews with knowledgeable individuals in a number of producing companies and in companies that were actual or potential customers for such products.

Specifically, the study collected data on the liquid sugar and sweetener markets in Europe and the United States. In all cases information was sought on the products made and sold, the producers and customers, indications of market volumes and price premiums for liquid or blended products, and on local trends and drivers. Discussions with actual or potential customers focused on the use of liquid sugars and blends. The study sought to determine whether there were actual or potential uses for liquids and blends, whether additional value could be created for liquid products and whether liquids had value compared to dry products. Large quantities of data were obtained and presented in full. The data was analysed to provide an overview of the markets and trends for liquid sugar and for sweetener blends in Europe and the US.

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The contents of the study included:

Objective and Background


Principal Findings

  • Markets
  • Sugar Companies and Products
  • Customer Views
  • Customer Trends


  • Markets
  • Sugar Companies and Products
  • Customer Trends


Liquid Sugar Markets, Drivers and Barriers

  • Overview
  • Market drivers
  • Barriers to use
  • Success factors
  • Market drivers – customers’ views<
  • Barriers – Customers’ views
  • Market drivers – Suppliers’ views

Liquid Markets – Success factors

  • Liquids in general
  • Sweetener Blends

Market Trends for Liquid Sugars and Sweetener Blends

Sugar Products

Sugar Companies

  • Europe
    • 14 Companies
  • United States
    • 7 Companies
  • US Blenders
    • 3 Companies
  • Other Producers
    • 2 Companies

Customers for Sugars and Liquid Sugars

Contact Reports – Sugar Companies

    • 21 Companies
  • Others Including Blenders
    • 4 Companies

Contact Reports – Customers

  • Bakery
    • 6 Companies
  • Beverages
    • 7 Companies
  • Confectionary
    • 10 Companies
  • Groceries / Canned Goods
    • 9 Companies
  • Icecream / Dairy
    • 11 Companies
  • Other
    • 1 Company

30 Tables

14 Figures

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