In this case study, CPL Business Consultants assisted a client by benchmarking an ingredients manufacturer.  CPL assessed its strategy and relative performance versus the competition. 


The objective of this project was to assist a client with the development of its plans to create an ingredients business based on its existing products and side streams in order to capture more value. As part of the process, the client required a report benchmarking its activities as an ingredients manufacturer against the competition. CPL wrote a report benchmarking the activities of 25 manufacturers of ingredients with various strategies to illustrate different ways portfolios have developed. We included a number of key success factors for the industry in the report and CPL’s ‘Four Ss’ for adding value.


Following a workshop with our client, CPL conducted internal brainstorming sessions and preliminary research to identify areas that warranted further analysis. The subsequent study focused on describing key characteristics of markets, such as size and growth rate, technologies currently in use, and an appraisal of the potential for our client in each area.

The report used data from public sources and databases, as well as contacts from across the sectors of interest to make recommendations.

Table of Contents


Strategies Adopted by Food Ingredients Companies

  • Benchmarking Ingredients Manufacturer
  • Strategy Drivers
    • Four Strategy Drivers
  • Key Success Factors
    • Segmentation Approaches
    • Adding Value through the Four “Ss”

25 Company Profiles

54 Tables

38 Figures

Click here to see the contents of the study.  In addition, please look at our PowerPoint Introduction and Brochure describing deliverables, differentiators and case studies. Eight case studies can also be reviewed.

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