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The objective of this study was to assist in identifying opportunities in health and nutrition ingredients that would contribute to the planning and implemention of a successful and complementary ingredient platform. The work involved the assessment of a broad spectrum of opportunities for ingredients useful in a number of health-related sectors.

Following the initial assessment of a spectrum of ingredient opportunities, those determined to be most commercially and strategically relevant could be examined in greater depth and detail in further studies, with a view to making specific operational plans for development and exploitation.

In general, the types of opportunities that would have been of most interest are those that fulfilled the following criteria: –

  1. Capable of integration without long term investment before profit
  2. Protectable against direct competition (including intellectual property [IP] and market)
  3. Low cost to market
  4. Quick time to market
  5. Fit with current ingredient business and health ingredient strategy

Opportunities that were considered included acquisition of IP, joint ventures, licence agreements for technology or regional/sector sale of health ingredients in addition to acquisition of companies (or specific business units).

All opportunities identified in the study are included in the report.


Identification of opportunities involved contact with academics and research bodies and institutions, food ingredient and biotechnology companies, venture capitalists and banks amongst other relevant network contacts in the health ingredient industry. In addition, the study used information from within the CPL database and from various public sources.

CPL obtained information from individuals and companies knowledgeable about the markets, products and technologies. This was carried out by a combined approach using email, fax and telephone contact, and face-to-face contact when appropriate. Information for assessing opportunities was also be gathered from publicly available data and from our extensive network of contacts.

Information regarding potential opportunities was collated and discussed with the client at an interim meeting. This meeting served as an alternative and useful exercise with a more informal ‘round the table’ analysis of the opportunities, some of which were selected for further action or contact.

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Contents include


Scope of the Study


Conclusions and Recommendations

Opportunity Study

  • Contact List
    • Academic, Government and Technology Transfer Centres
    • Biotechnology and Food/Dietary Supplement/Nutritional Ingredient Companies
    • Banks and Venture Capitalists
  • Opportunity List
    • Opportunities in Sweeteners
    • Opportunities in Prebiotics
    • Opportunities in Probiotics
    • Opportunities in Other Health Ingredients

Opportunities in Detail

  • 25 Actual Opportunities Offered
  • 16 Potential Opportunities


Further Information on 18 Selected Opportunities

Contact Reports

  • Banks and Venture Capitalists
    • 9 Banks and VCs with Interests in all Industries
    • 42 Banks and VCs with Specific Interests in the Food Sector
  • 26 Technology Transfers
  • 16 Patent Contacts
  • 32 Other Contacts


  • Table 1 Opportunities in Sweeteners
  • Table 2 Opportunities in Prebiotics
  • Table 3 Opportunities in Probiotics
  • Table 4 Opportunities in Other Health Ingredients
  • Table 5 Markets for Prebiotics and Other Health Ingredients

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