In this case study, a biotechnology and fermentation company engaged CPL Business Consultants to look for potential acquisition opportunities in hydrocolloid ingredients and texturizing systems as part of its diversification strategy. 

The objective of this study was to identify acquisitions, collaborations and other opportunities in hydrocolloids and textural modification and also to recommend strategic options to enter the texture business.

The study reviewed the texture business in general and the hydrocolloid business in particular. It identified a number of alternative entry scenarios and then made specific strategic recommendations for participating in the hydrocolloid business.

We covered the following hydrocolloids: Agar, Alginate, Aloe gums, Arabinogalactan, Carboxymethylcellulose – CMC, Carrageenan, Curdlan, Chia gum, Dextran, Gelatin, Guar, Gum Arabic, Karaya gum, Laminarin, Locust Bean Gum, Pectin, Psyllium seed gum, Pullulan, Quince seed gum, Starch, Tara gum, Tragacanth gum, Xanthan

Hydrocolloid Acquisition and Opportunity Study

Executive Summary

  • Objective, Scope and Method
  • Recommendations
    • Technical Opportunities
    • Joint Ventures and Acquisitions

The Hydrocolloids Business

  • Small to medium-sized multi-product companies
  • Small-sized multi-product traders/processing companies
  • Small to large-sized single-product companies
  • Medium to large-sized multi-product companies

Entering the Hydrocolloid Business by Acquisition

  • Acquisition of a medium to large-sized multi-product company
  • Acquisition of a small to large-sized single-product company
  • Acquisition of a small-sized multi product trader/processing company
  • Acquisition of a small to medium-sized multi-product company

Company Profiles including Hydrocolloid Acquisition Opportunities

Technical Opportunities in Hydrocolloids and Texturizing

Contact Reports

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