In this case study, an international ingredients company engaged CPL Business Consultants to identify European market opportunities for honey as an ingredient.

Consumers generally believe that honey is healthier and safer than sugar and has an almost impeccable image. Honey can provide an additional flavour and colour to extend product ranges while still being perceived as a ‘healthy’ product. Therefore, it is attractive to industrial customers.

The market for honey as an ingredient in non-sweet foods would expand the total market for the client, a major European ingredients company. CPL was asked to assess the market potential for honey as an ingredient as part of a growth strategy.

Initially, CPL Business Consultants investigated sales of honey products in specific markets.  CPL also obtained market data and information from suppliers, makers and sellers.  Additionally, CPL conducted a short and informal survey of b2b consumer attitudes towards honey. CPL’s report enabled the client to stay ahead of the trends and make an informed on potential opportunities that may warrant further investigation.

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