In this case study,  a global ingredients company engaged CPL Business Consultants to conduct a Voice of Customer survey. This provided the client with a greater understanding of the market for high-intensity sweeteners and also gave insights into the views and expectations of its customers. 

Background and Objective

A global ingredients company with a portfolio of sweeteners wanted to determine market pull, demand and customer perceptions relating to high-intensity sweeteners. The client engaged CPL to conduct a Voice of Customer survey, which provided insights into the market for high-intensity sweeteners and its customers’ perceptions, needs and expectations.


CPL Business Consultants contacted potential customers, including sweetener blenders, manufacturers and food and beverage companies. CPL’s contacts completed Voice of Customer surveys asking about their needs and also their expectations from high-intensity sweeteners and sweetener suppliers. The client’s own teams also completed the survey, which enabled a comparison of the internal views of the company with those of its customers.

Additionally, information was obtained from CPL’s in-house databases, trade databases, public domain reports and company reports. These were used to help analyse the sweetener market landscape and also to prepare case studies explaining the diversification strategies used by ingredients companies to transform themselves. The geographic scope of the project was global.

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Table of Contents

Principal Findings, Conclusions and Recommendations

High-Intensity Sweeteners Voice of Customer Survey

  • Voice of Customer Survey Results and  Interpretation

6 Case Studies

  • Key Success Factors

High-Intensity Sweeteners Market Overview

  • Sweeteners and Flavours
  • Health and Wellness Food and Beverages
  • Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic Beverages
  • Foods including Dairy Products

High-Intensity Sweeteners Competitor Profiles


  • 44 Contact Reports

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