In this case study, CPL assisted a regional vitamins and supplements company in assessing the potential for a new sustained release glucosamine product. Following a scientific and technical review, CPL made strategic recommendations for new product development, ultimately leading to a successful launch. 


CPL advises the client on the potential efficacy of the sustained release concept for glucosamine (GLU-SR) and also the best technologies to achieve it. In addition, the project investigated whether providing glucosamine in a sustained release form had physiological benefits or not, or even contraindications.


To carry out this project, CPL initially began discussions with two slow-release technology vendors. We also contacted several companies known to us that were involved in the controlled release aspects of micro-encapsulation for food ingredients. In addition, we identified one additional company claiming to manufacture and sell a sustained release form of glucosamine and obtained information on the product, price and supply from them.

In order to address the scientific issues underlying the performance of glucosamine and the possible benefits of a sustained-release product, we reviewed in detail the scientific, medical, clinical and patent literature concerning glucosamine and its use.

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Sustained Release Glucosamine

Objective and Method

Short Answers to Client’s Questions

Principal Findings

  • From An Overview of the Science and Clinical Trials
    • Is glucosamine effective?
    • Does glucosamine reduce pain or influence pain factors?
    • Does glucosamine provide protection of joint structure?
    • Is delivery to the joints increased by higher levels of glucosamine in the blood?
    • Is timed release better than three doses?
    • Toxicity – is glucosamine safe?
    • Is there a problem for diabetics?
    • Clinical trials
    • Other opinions
  • On The Various Sustained Release Systems
    • Competing Companies’ Products


  • On Sustained Release Glucosamine Performance, Form and Format
  • On The Various Sustained Release Systems
    • Competing Companies’ Products


Scientific Research

  • Introduction to the Disease Process of Osteoarthritis
  • Is Glucosamine Effective?
  • Does Glucosamine Reduce Pain or Influence Pain Factors?
  • Does Glucosamine Provide Protection Of Joint Structure?
  • Does Glucosamine Being Available in the Bloodstream Mean That it is Delivered to the Joints?
  • Is Sustained Release Better than Multiple Doses?
  • Toxicity – Is Glucosamine Safe?
  • Is There a Problem for Diabetics?
  • What Clinical Trials Have Been Done or are Ongoing?
  • What Other Publications on Glucosamine Might be Relevant


  • 10 Academic and Medical Contacts
  • 5 Commercial Contacts

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