In this case study, CPL Business Consultants examined the dynamics of the global pectin market for a food ingredients company. Additionally, the project aimed to establish if this market was attractive for the client to enter as part of their business growth strategy.

The pectin business is part of a competitive global market. This is because a substantial portion of pectin sales are into low-value, highly price-sensitive commodities. However, some sectors of the pectin business have the potential to be speciality businesses.  In these markets, pectin can be differentiated by source and also tailored to specific functions. Pectin can also be used in combination with other hydrocolloids to obtain additional functionalities.


The objective of this study was to provide an overview of the global market for pectin and to establish the attractiveness of the market.


The report contained the following sections:

Overview of the Global Pectin Market

  • Market size and growth
  • Pricing
  • Raw materials
  • Pectin products
  • Regional use
  • Key application areas and new products
  • New products by region and country
  • New products by application area
  • Dynamics of pectin relevant food and beverage markets
  • Future dynamics and companies to watch

Pectin Types and Extraction Technologies

  • Pectin types
  • Extraction technologies
  • Raw materials
    • Lemons and limes
    • Oranges
    • Grapefruit
    • Apples

Key Pectin Company Profiles

  • Eight companies were profiled, which included the following information:
    • Background
    • Extraction technology, capacity and volumes
    • Raw material supply
    • Application focus
    • Business and R&D strategy

Global Pectin Market and Company Data

  • Global pectin sales (MT) of standardised pectin
  • Percentage share of global pectin market by volume (MT standardised pectins) for key producers
  • Growth in regional pectin markets (MT standardised pectins)
  • Estimated pectin market split by end use application
  • Relative distribution (as %) of new product launches containing pectin (E400)
  • New product launches containing pectin 2011 to 2016 showing top 10 countries.
  • Relative split (as %) of new product launches containing pectin (E400) by application area
  • Projected pectin sales (MT) in key end use applications
  • Schematic of a generic pectin extraction process showing key steps for the production of HM, LM and LMA pectins
  • Pectin content of key raw materials
  • Summary of raw materials used by key companies for pectin production
  • Lemon & lime production (million MT) in key producing countries
  • Lemon & lime processing (million MT) in key producing countries
  • Orange production (million MT) in key producing countries
  • Orange processing (million MT) in key producing countries
  • Grapefruit production (million MT) in key producing countries
  • Grapefruit processing (million MT) in key producing countries
  • Apple production and processing (million MT) in Europe
  • Estimated pectin production capacity, by company, site, technology type and production facility
  • Pectin exports from Brazil (MT)
  • Pectin exports from Brazil (MT) to Asia, USA and South America
  • Pectin imports from Italy to other EU countries
  • Application split for pectin

For further information, you can look at our PowerPoint Introduction and Brochure describing deliverables and differentiators. You can also review eight case studies.

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