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The objective of this study was to assist our client in identifying the users of ascorbic acid in the food & beverage area but also in the pharmaceuticals area and to try to prioritise by listing the top 10 users. The focus was on global companies.


The study was carried out by obtaining information from within the CPL database, from public sources and from contacts with manufacturers and users of ascorbic acid. In addition, CPL obtained information from individuals and companies knowledgeable about the markets, products and technologies.

One of the key features of the work was discussions with actual and potential customers for the products. This information was collated and analysed in order to obtain a clear understanding of the markets, trends, producers, competing products.

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Table of Contents

Top Global Users of Ascorbic Acid

Top Global Producers of Ascorbic Acid

  • Production figures for 2007 and 2008

Recent News

Contact Reports

  • 11 companies

Appendix 1 – Uses

  • Food technological uses and applications of ascorbic acid

Appendix 2 – Notes on Flour Millers

  • Flour millers in the US

Appendix 3 – Top US Supplement Manufacturers

  • Rank
  • Company


  • 2 Tables

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