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Th objective of this project was to support a client in answering key questions regarding a potential acquisition target and supporting the due diligence process as otherwise required.


The potential acquisition target was a distributor and blender of a wide range of commodity and specialist ingredients for food and beverages.  It differentiated itself though the provision of value-added taste and nutrition solutions.

The company had invested in its innovation in recent years and claims to have substantial capabilities and agility in bringing solutions to customers. It positioned itself as providing solutions for fast turnaround innovations such as seasonal specialties for food service.

The client asked CPL to conduct a broad, high level overview of the company, starting with an outside-in view.


The main contents of the study have been based on sources available to CPL, including in-house databases and an extensive network of contacts, in addition to publicly available information.

Table of Contents

Brief Answers to Questions

The Company

  • What is its reputation?
  • What are its Strengths and Weaknesses?
  • Is the company truly innovative?
  • What is its general strategy?

The Nature of the Product Groups

  • Are the products specialties or commodities?
  • How is it differentiated?
  • How is value added?
  • Is there potential to add further value?

The Markets for the Products

  • What niches and markets does it address?
  • How does it grow?
  • What is the competition?

Investment Thesis

  • View on M&A Strategy


  • Initial View
  • History
  • Customers
  • Innovation

Product Portfolio

  • Food & Beverage Ingredients
    • Amino Acids
    • Aroma Chemicals
    • Bakery Enhancements
    • Beverage Syrups
    • Dessert Enhancements
    • Energy & fortification
    • Flavourings & Colours
    • Honey
    • Juices & Juice Blends
    • Preservatives & Acidulants
    • Seeds and Grains
    • Sweeteners and sugars
    • Others
  • Non-Food
    • Bio & Material Science
    • Mineral Science
    • Rheology Control
  • Legacy Products
    • Bakery Ingredients
    • Chocolate and Cocoa based products
    • Colours
    • Desert Flavourings
    • Emulsifiers and stabilisers
    • Fruit Products for Desserts
    • Ingredients for Specialist Applications

Comments on the Information Memorandum

Contact Reports (30 Contacts)

Potential Bolt-Ons

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