In this case study, a sugar industry company engaged CPL for advice on adding value through customer service and product support/development. CPL made strategic recommendations on the service levels required and required resources. 


The study assisted a sugar industry client by providing information and recommendations on customer service and product support/development. This information therefore allowed the client to adjust its offering in the light of market needs.


CPL initially performed an analysis of competitors to determine the relative competitiveness of other companies in the sugar/commodity business. We then assessed how competitors deliver customer service and product development, how they organise it.  Also we looked at their personnel, facilities and how effective they are at achieving customer satisfaction success. We considered companies across Europe.

CPL then made strategic recommendations on the expected levels of service and what resources required.

Customer Service and Product Support in the Sugar Industry

The report contained information on:

  • The Value Of Customer Service
  • Methods Of Measuring Customer Service Satisfaction
  • Typical Results
  • What Do Other Sugar Companies Do?
  • Supplier Survey Questionnaire
  • What Do Customers Think?
  • Customer Survey Form
  • Other Customers Contacted
  • Company Profiles

Have a look at our PowerPoint Introduction and Brochure describing deliverables, differentiators and case studies. You can also review Eight case studies.

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