In this case study, CPL assessed the potential market for a bioactive feed additive which is effective against coccidiosis for a potential investor.


CPL’s client had developed a feed additive based on bioactive compounds that demonstrated efficacy against Eimeria, the parasite responsible for coccidiosis. The objective of this project was to assist the client in assessing the potential market for the product by providing details of the market for the production of broiler and other meats, the cost of coccidiosis to the industry, and an estimate of demand for new products to control Eimeria parasites.


CPL used scientific literature, regulations databases, industry news and expert interviews to complete this report. We provided our client with transcripts of interviews.  Following the completion of this project, CPL’s client invested in the target company.

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Table of Contents

Principal Findings

  • Estimate of Potential Market Size
  • Costs to Industry from Coccidiosis
  • Regulatory Situation and Potential Opportunity for Natural Sustainable Anti-coccidial Products
  • Use of Anti-Coccidial Drug Products
  • Alternative Means of Treating and Preventing Anti-Coccidial Infections
  • Contacts
  • News

Conclusions and Recommendations

Coccidiosis, Treatments and Prevention

  • Introduction to Coccidiosis
  • Particular Significance of Coccidiosis in Chickens and Other Poultry Species
    • Chickens
    • Other Species of Poultry
    • Pigs
    • Rabbits
    • Other Species
  • Incidence of Coccidiosis
  • Cause of Coccidiosis
  • Treatment and Prevention of Coccidiosis
  • Types of Anti-Coccidial Drug Products Available

Poultry Meat Production Markets: Size and Scope

  • Meat Production
    • Broiler Chickens
    • Turkey Meat
    • Duck Meat
    • Goose and Guineafowl Meat
    • Meat from Other Birds
    • Rabbit Meat Production
  • Poultry Industry Overview

Estimate of Coccidiostat Market and Cost to the Industry

  • Currently Available Coccidiostat Products
    • Origins of Current Commercial Coccidiostat Products Available
  • Market Volume
  • Cost of Coccidiosis
    • Cost of Prevention and Treatment
    • Costs of Reduced Weight Gain and Increased FCR

Players and Products

  • 5 Coccidiostat Producers
  • 2 Feed Additives and Ingredients Producers
  • 3 Nutritionists and Pre-Mixers
  • 8 Poultry Integrators

Demand For Alternatives to Control or Prevent Coccidiosis

  • Secondary Infections
  • Extent of Use of Coccidiostats in Food Animals and Poultry
    • Europe
    • US
    • Current Situation Regarding the Need for Replacement of Anti-coccidials
  • History of Drug Development
  • Vaccines as Control Agents for Coccidiosis
    • Europe
    • US
    • Live vs Attenuated Vaccines
    • Current Means of Coccidia Control and Disadvantages
  • Gut Health Products as Alternatives to Coccidial Drugs
    • Plant Herb or Essential Oil-Based Products
    • Fats
    • Antioxidants
    • Intellectual Property
    • Potential for Marine-derived Products for Coccidiosis Control

Regulatory Overview Governing Coccidiostats as Feed Additives or Drugs, With Potential for Marine-Derived Products

  • Country-Specific Legislations
  • Ireland
  • UK
  • US Regulation


  • Summary of Contacts
    • 4 Contacts

News Section

  • Summary of News Articles
    • 17 News Articles

Appendix I

  • Cost of Prophylaxis
  • Cost of Chemotherapy
  • Cost from Reduced Body Weight Gain
  • Cost from Increased FCR

30 Tables and 16 Figures

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