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The objective of this project was to assess for our client the overall business potential of Isomaltooligosaccharide (IMO) products as prebiotics and/ or low calorie sweetener. Our client wished to seek an external opinion on whether to pursue this business opportunity and, if so, how it should go about this.

This study addressed the overall business potential of IMO product for our client and to answered the following questions:

1. Does this product fit well with the client’s business?
2. Is there a potential market for this product?
3. How should this product be positioned in Europe and elsewhere?
4. How does this product compare to other soluble fibres?
5. Is it worth investing a significant amount of effort working on the regulations and science in order to get this product to market?

Table of Contents


This study assessed and analyzed the issues in sufficient depth to allow strategic conclusions to be drawn.

The main contents of the study were be based on the information provided by the client to CPL CPL as well as sources including in-house data, CPL‘s network of contacts (the CPL Value-Net) and publicly available information (e.g. data from government agencies, patents, scientific journals, trade press and internet etc.).

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Objective & Scope

    The Food Cost Model

Principal Findings and Conclusions

      • Cost


      • Calories


      • Maintenance of Healthy Blood Sugar Levels


      • Organic


      • Prebiotic


      • Improved Digestion and/or Intestinal Flora


      • Fibre


      • Cholesterol


      • Tolerance


      • Production


      • Sales


      • Patents


      • EU Approval


    • Company X’s Website Claims

Answers to the Specific Questions for Client


Market Data on Soluble Fibres

    • From 2009


    • From 2004

      • Markets & Trends


      • Manufacturers and Products


      • Polydextrose


      • Low Calorie Bulking Agents – Overview


      • Soluble Fibres

Abstract of 2007 Data on Low Glycaemic Index Products

      • Market


      • Value of GI


    • Other Products

A Short History of IMO Product

    • Invention and Subsidy

      • Canadian Press Article From 2007

The Chinese Connection
Imports of IMO from China by Company X

      • Details of Company X’s Importing Activities

Chinese Press Articles on IMO

      • 6 News Articles

Isomaltooligosaccharide Production in China

    • IMO Industry Thriving In China

Costs and Market Opportunities

    • The Food Cost Model


    • Company X’s Prices


    • Effect on the Costs of Raw Materials to Use Company X’s IMO at Price


    • Results from CPL Retail Price Model


    Comparison with Prices of Soluble Fibre Ingredients In 2004

Manufacturers of IMO

    • Overview



    • 11 Companies

Products Containing IMO

    • China

      • 1 Product


      • 6 Products


      • 1 Product


    • 7 Products


    • Overview


    Companies Contacted

    • 9 Companies

Technology of IMOs

    • Effects of IMO On the Gut Flora



Health Claims

    • EFSA Health Claims Submitted

      • EFSA Opinion on Blood Cholesterol Claim


    • Blood Glucose Claims


    • Overview

      • Production of IMO


      • Use of IMO

Recent Patents Concerning Product A

      • 4 Patents

Patents Held By Company X

Appendix – Company X’s Answers to CPL Questions

Appendix 2: Prices of Oligosaccharides in Japan


    21 Tables


    17 Figures

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