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Objective and Background

The objective of the study was to assist our client in the evaluation of the potential for an antifungal agent in the control of post harvest fungal problems in bananas by replacing or complementing existing control systems.

Specifically, objectives included evaluation of the potential volumes of bananas susceptible to post-harvest mould spoilage, and assessment of the current methods of control and the market potential. Risks from potential alternatives and possible regulatory constraints were also to be considered.


The study was carried out using sources available to CPL including in-house databases and publicly available information (published, internet etc.). Additional information was sought from key contacts within the crop protection and banana growing industries North America, Europe and banana growing regions.

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Table of Contents



Answers to Specific Questions

  • What Percentage of Bananas Produced is Receptive To Moulds?
  • Are There Any Moulds That Cause More Problems Than Others?
  • How is the mould Problem Dealt with Today, What are the Costs Involved (For Example per Ton of Bananas) And What Are The Advantages / Disadvantages of the Methods Currently Used?
  • What Demands Should a Dipping / Coating Meet in Terms of Integration in the Process (During or After Harvest, Convenience, etc.)?
  • What is the Customer’s Willingness to use and Pay for a Very Effective Dipping / Coating?


Crop Quantities Susceptible to Crown Rot

Regulatory Issues

Estimates of the Size of the Market for Preventing Crown Rot in Bananas

Banana Packing Shed Practices

Contact Reports

  • 18 contacts


  • 3 patents

Additional Information

  • Recent Advances in the Control of Crown Rot of Banana in the Windward Islands
  • Pesticide Use in Banana Crops
  • News
    • 5 articles
  • Demethylation Inhibitor (DMI) Management Strategy

5 Tables

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