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The objective of this project was to assist a European client in determining its plans and actions in respect of sales in the US. The client had been making a significant investment in time and resources in the US and wanted an objective view as to whether it’s business strategy was on ‘the right track’ to succeed and an analysis of how best to approach the market and to succeed.

The client has a strong corporate culture based on attitudes towards its employees and its customers as well as its approach to marketing, selling, R&D and product delivery. It was important that it is able to maintain this culture in the US.

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Table of Contents




Principal Findings

  • The Company
  • US Strategy
  • EU and UK
  • End User Views



The Company

  • The Company Culture
  • Management
  • Strengths
  • Sales Per Employee

US Strategy

  • Problems in the US Market
  • Analysis of the Current Business Strategy and Potential Improvements
  • Alternative Approaches in the US
  • US Market Size
  • Strategy in the EU and UK

The Competition

  • How Companies Describe Themselves
  • Companies Producing X Systems
  • Overview of Market Positioning of Main Competitors
  • 5 Main Competitor Profile Analysis
  • 43 Other Actual & Potential Competitors
  • 3 Inulin Suppliers

End Users’ Views of Stabiliser Companies

Contact Reports – 15 Competitors

Contact Reports – 8 Others

Contact Reports – 17 Dairy & Premium Foods Companies

5 Tables

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